– class of 2023

– Admissions agent

My name is Miguel Kangoma, I am from Mozambique and I am a graduate from the class of 2023 at VUM. I am currently an Admissions agent working in Bulgaria for one of the leading agencies in Europe enabling the dreams of students to study medicine and dentistry in Europe.

The MBA program at VUM has been a great investment that has yielded great experiences that have contributed to both my professional and personal growth.

The international environment at VUM has allowed me to meet people from different backgrounds who have given me an appreciation of the beauty of our differences, and how these differences can contribute towards creating a better world.

The university has professors who are experts in their field, who not only bring a theoretical perspective in their teaching but combine it with their practical experience. This approach to teaching has greatly contributed to my understanding of management and how each concept is interconnected.

The MBA program has not only equipped me with skills and knowledge that will help me to add value to my organization, but it has provided me with skills, knowledge and experiences that will help in my day to day and to be a contributing member of society.