Library and Information Complex

The free access to contemporary library and information resources is essential for the high quality education of our students, and the work of our faculty and staff.

By virtue of this, our students can compare to their colleagues from the most prominent universities in the world. In the Library and Information Complex at VUM provides students, faculty and staff of VUM and other users with free access to modern and rich library collections with thousands of titles in marketing, management, economics, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, tourism and hospitality, information technologies, Foreign Language Teaching and more. We have large collections of books, audio and video publications, maps, periodicals and dissertations in Bulgarian, English, French, German, Russian and others languages. In the Library and Information Complex we provide a free access to a number of electronic databases, including full text databases.

VUM Library and Information Complex provides PCs for general use. System administrators provide daily support to students.

VUM also has a student portal (DEC system), which is a web-based database, available for all current students. It stores all teaching materials and auxiliary materials, case studies, presentations, draft exams, assignments and projects. Its main aim is to exchange knowledge between teachers and students.

All students are welcome to connect their personal laptops to the VUM wireless network.