The free access to contemporary library and information resources is essential for the high quality education of our students, and the work of our faculty and staff.

Free access to modern sources of information is essential for the high quality of education of our students, for the research activity of our teachers and for the work of our employees.

Library and information complex (BIC) is the main resource center of VUM for library and information provision of the educational, scientific, research, and cultural activities of students, teachers and employees, as well as external users, through the application and full use of the possibilities of traditional and information and communication technologies.

VUM also has a student portal (DEC system), which is a web-based database for all students, accessible through any internet browser. It stores all study materials for the various disciplines, as well as supporting materials, case studies, presentations and others, announces exam grades, project assignments and exchanges knowledge between teachers and students.

BIC works according to the Regulations for its organization and activities and the Rules for user service. It has a modern organizational-functional model and applies leading library and information practices to ensure a high standard of library and information provision for readers’ needs.

BIC provides students, teachers and employees of VUM, as well as external users, free access to rich library collections of reference, scientific, educational and teaching-aid literature with thousands of titles in areas such as marketing, management, economics, finance, accounting, entrepreneurship, tourism and hospitality, information technology, pedagogy, culinary arts, foreign language training, etc. It has rich collections of books, audio, video and electronic publications, maps and periodicals in Bulgarian, English, French, German, Russian and other languages and dissertations. A depository of our students’ dissertations is being built.

Мain tasks of the Library and Information Complex

An integrated library and information system

An integrated library and information system is being built at BIC – “Books”, “Articles”, “Dissertations” databases. The full texts of theses can only be viewed on the internal network of BIC. Users receive electronic cards, and the service is provided through the electronic module “Loan Service”, etc.

free access

BIC offers free access to a number of global electronic databases, including full-text ones, including temporary access to various scientific databases, provided by the Bulgarian Information Consortium, of which VUM has been a member since its creation until today. These accesses are possible only on the territory of VUM in Varna, Dobrich and Sofia.

computers for general use

BIC has computers for general use. VUM buildings are adapted for connecting personal Wi-Fi devices to the Internet using the VUM wireless network.

Other activities

BIC supports the training of its users to work with communication and information technologies by implementing the “Information Competence” program. BIC also organizes various cultural programs.


BIC guarantees: the right of free access to knowledge, human thought and intellectual activity, accessibility, efficiency, quality; transparency; loyalty; partnership; entrepreneurship; innovations. Thus, BIC provides an environment favorable to the development of each of its users.