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The university is a transformative place, where lives are changed. It offers you the chance to develop a love for learning, build enduring connections, and discover your true passions. VUM students enjoy a head start in their professional journeys, thanks to the essential skills they gain during internships and the diverse university environment. We firmly believe that education should be within reach for all students, regardless of their background or circumstances. Your support can make a real difference in providing every student with an opportunity to succeed. Your contributions, when combined with others, have a substantial and immediate impact on the futures of those bright minds who may struggle to afford our high-quality education.

Insufficient funding stands as the most common obstacle that leads students to defer or withdraw their applications for the upcoming academic year. VUM stands ready to assist any talented student, irrespective of their background – be it origin, ethnicity, age, gender, nationality, religion, or race. Talent knows no boundaries, and we welcome any donation, regardless of its size.

You can participate in our various campaigns aimed at supporting students from Varna University of Management. Your involvement can change lives and create opportunities for students to pursue their dreams. Join us in making a difference.

Every partner company we collaborate with is entitled to complimentary promotion through VUM’s online platforms and relevant promotional materials. Additionally, they will be featured as associates in local and regional media. As part of this partnership, it is expected that the company will actively disseminate information about our scholarship programmes on their website and promote it through both their online and offline channels.

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