Varna University of Management is one of the leading international business schools in Europe, famous for its excellent business education and high graduate employment rate.

The university offers a full-time MBA programme for aspiring business professionals who are looking to advance their careers and gain a competitive edge in the job market. VUM is an internationally recognized institution with a strong focus on practical learning and industry connections.

For 15 years now, Varna University of Management has partnered with one of the largest public universities in the United Kingdom to offer the first and only MBA programme in Bulgaria, allowing graduation with two master’s degrees – Bulgarian from VUM and British from the top British University Cardiff Metropolitan University, while studying entirely in Bulgaria.

The curriculum of VUM’s MBA programme is designed to provide students with a deep understanding of business principles and practices. Core courses cover topics such as finance, marketing, and management, and students can choose from a range of elective options to tailor their studies to their interests and goals.

The training in the MBA programme is entirely in English, with a strong practical focus and solving cases from real business, and the classes are tailored to the students’ employment, which makes it suitable for working people. In addition, the affordable price, lower living costs and the possibility of receiving a scholarship and graduating with a prestigious British degree that ensures easy implementation in the labor market are just some of the key advantages that make this MBA programme increasingly preferred from Bulgarian and foreign students.

In 2023, the VUM MBA programme was ranked 3rd in Central and Eastern Europe according to the Eduniversal Best Masters ranking, ahead of top universities from Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, etc. The ranking methodology ( provides bonus points for the value of the student’s first salary after graduation, internships provided during studies, percentage of accepted students with business experience in the field and, last but not least, the most registered international students.

Often called “The Master of the Master’s programmes”, an MBA cannot be a true business education without exposure to global business leaders. Therefore, every year VUM traditionally organizes study trips for its students in the master’s programme in business administration, as well as for interested students from the bachelor’s programmes, with the aim of getting to know the real work environment in leading global business organizations and gaining valuable experience that helps career development of business managers and entrepreneurs in training. Usually, these visits are to Asian countries with a developed business industry, and in recent years, study trips were made to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, Vietnam and South Korea.

The MBA programme provides many benefits, the most significant of which are the numerous career opportunities for such professionals. By completing the MBA programme at Varna University of Management, the students are not only practically prepared for successful professional realization in the fields of marketing and advertising, finance, accounting, human resources, but also can use the accumulated experience and knowledge as a starting point for occupying higher management positions in the respective area of professional development. The MBA diploma opens opportunities for reaching managerial positions in all areas of business, as the widest realization of MBA graduates is in the fields of public relations, advertising, sales, marketing and event management.