You should have already heard that this is possible while studying at Varna University of Management. Well, it is not just possible, it is advisable for every student to take this opportunity and GO for a mobility for 1 semester, or maybe even a full academic year to a partner university in Europe.

VUM has been offering to our students mobility opportunities supported through the Erasmus programme for more than ten years now. Thanks to the opportunities provided by the Erasmus+ programme for student mobility between VUM and its partners based in Programme Countries (all EU member states, Turkey, Norway and Iceland), now every student at VUM can have an Erasmus+ mobility for studies or internship at least once in their study term.

Important for you to know is that now the Erasmus+ mobility program allows you to travel for studies, for internship or even both! for a term of up to 12 months during your studies at VUM. And, what is even more, you can have that in your undergraduate level of studies and again a new 12 month term in your postgraduate level of studies.

You understand that there are 2 types of student mobility:

  • Student mobility for studies
  • Student mobility for placement

The student mobility for studies refers to a semester or longer (minimum 3 months and up to 12 months) term of studies at a partner institution in the European Union, Norway or Turkey. The choice of a hosting university is yours and in order to find the most appropriate program and university for you, you need to think of:

  • The language of studies at the hosting institution
  • The programs of studies they offer and how close the subjects are to the ones you have in your VUM curriculum

In order to select a hosting institution, please browse through the list of partner institutions on our website here.

And, the bottom line, the student mobility for studies gives you the experience of another country, another university and study approach, a different culture and all of that without the need to pay at the hosting university! You continue being a student of VUM by fulfilling your student obligations to us, and once back, the relevant subjects’ credits obtained will be recognized towards your VUM degree.

VUM students willing to acquire new skills and professional knowledge in a real work environment are welcome to apply for a student mobility for placement.  The student mobility for placement is organized in collaboration by two departments of VUM: VUM Career Center and VUM Erasmus+ office. In order to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to express your interest and follow strictly the guidelines of our Career center and Erasmus+ officers to get a suitable placement for yourself.

The eligible duration of an Erasmus+ student mobility for placement could vary between 2 and 12 months. The programme provides financial support for students to study and get trained by obtaining innovative knowledge, new skills and inter-cultural experience that would prove invaluable when applying for a job.

Sounds good, where to start from?

Step 1: Please, read all the relevant information on the Erasmus+ mobility programme on our website in the section Student mobility – Outgoing students.

Step 2: Check your eligibility for Student mobility for studies and/or Student mobility for placement.

Step 3: Follow the listed guidelines and terms and apply with the required documents at

You have questions? Feel free to ask once you have read through the information again at:

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