An international exhibition of traditional food and beverages will be held on June 2, 2022 (Thursday) in the Ethnographic Complex “Old Dobrich”. The event will bring together producers from 4 Black Sea countries – Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Moldova, who will present to visitors their traditional and clean products.
Due to the common historical past and shared climatic and geographical features, the food and agricultural products of the countries of the Black Sea region are very similar in appearance. Their taste, however, is what sets them apart. The nature of the area, the authentic techniques of the community and the personal energy of each producer give each farm product a unique taste. Every visitor to the international exhibition will be convinced of this by tasting clean food and drinks from Dobrich and our neighboring countries and discuss the production technology directly with its producers.

The event brings together a farmers’ exhibition, songs and dances, presentations and networking sessions. The official opening is at 10.30 am, meetings between international producers and visitors are scheduled before and after noon. At 13.30 on the square in front of the clock tower, the students from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski ”will present a special greeting to the guests through a folklore etude with music and dances from Dobrudja. In a special networking session, participating producers from the 4 countries will discuss opportunities for joint activities inspired by the fertile land and hospitality of Dobrich.
The exhibition is free and can be visited by all interested parties.

The event is organized by Varna University of Management within LOC FOOD “Local Development and Cross-Border Cooperation for the Promotion of Traditional Agricultural Products and Food”, which is carried out under the SOP “Black Sea Basin 2014 – 2020”. The exhibition is realized with the assistance of the Farmer’s Market – Dobrich.

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