Varna University of Management became one of the founders of the Sectoral Council for Qualification (SCQ) “Hotel, Restaurant and Catering”. The inaugural meeting was held in Varna last week. It was attended by representatives of state institutions, branch employers’ organizations at national and regional level, training institutions (vocational schools, vocational schools and universities), as well as other organizations developing activities in the sector.
The new formation will work to ensure the relevance of curricula and their compliance with business requirements, as well as to ensure transparency and efficiency of vocational training in professions in the field of hospitality and restaurants. In addition, the SCQ will stimulate active dialogue and effective cooperation between state institutions, education and training providers and business, with a clear vision that the quality and realization of staff trained in vocational education and training depend to a large extent on this partnership. Among the tasks set before the newly established sector council are to coordinate the implementation of a parallel independent external evaluation of vocational training graduates, as well as to analyze and identify missing sectoral skills.

The Board of Directors of SCQ, in addition to Varna University of Management (VUM) – Varna, also includes the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET), Association International Institute of Management (IIM) – Varna, Varna Association of Restaurateurs and the hoteliers (VARH), the Bulgarian Tourist Chamber (BTC), the Association of Schools of Hotel and Restaurant Management (AUHR) and the Association of Specialized Experts in the Tourism Industry (ASETI).
Pavlin Kosev, Chairman of the Supreme Administrative Court, was unanimously elected Chairman of the Management Board.

The Sectoral Council for Qualification is established within the project “Quality and Efficiency”, implemented by NAVET..

The next meeting of the SCQ will be held in the fall, and its progress will be shared at the upcoming November 2022 national conference.

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