Varna University of Management will be part of the final conference “The Next Tourism Generation: The transition of green, digital and social skills development in tourism”, which is part of the “The Next Tourism Generation” project.

The conference will take place on the 9th of June as an online event. And will also showcase the work done under the Next Tourism Generation project and highlight how the Blueprint project will stimulate the Transition Pathway regarding skills and how the project feeds into the Pact for Skills in Tourism.
The conference will be attended by Maya Ivanova, PhD, Associate Professor at Varna University of Management and Head of the Department of Tourism and Hospitality, and also Eng. Irina Petkova, Lecturer at Varna University of Management.

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Join the conversation and learn more about the education on EU. Divided into four modules, the online conference will bring together tourism stakeholders from government and policymakers, to industry and education and training institutions on European, national, and local/regional levels. The program is filled around four major topics, discussing current and future needs and the transition of green, digital and social skills development in tourism. Every module starts with a keynote and ends with a roundtable discussion, focusing on topics such as ‘Collaborative framework on skills development and the NTG Blueprint’, ‘Innovation in Education, Skills Training, and curriculum development’, ‘Assessing skills gaps and future skills needs in tourism’, ‘The road ahead on skills in tourism – Pact for Skills and PANTOUR’.

NTG (The Next Tourism Generation (NTG) Skills Alliance) is the first European partnership and alliance for improving a collaborative and productive relationship between education, government, and industry. In total, 14 partners form 8 EU countries represent the whole tourism sector including specialists in hospitality, food and beverage, travel agencies, attractions and recreation. The NTG Alliance will provide employees, employers, entrepreneurs, teachers, trainers and students with a set of Core NTG modules in digital, green and social skills.