The highly anticipated comprehensive study on robots, artificial intelligence and service automation in hospitality and tourism, edited by Varna University of Management’s Vice Rector (Research) Prof. Stanislav Ivanov and Assoc. Prof. Craig Webster from the Department of Management at Ball State University, USA, is finally out today!

“Robots, artificial intelligence and service automation in travel, tourism and hospitality” (RAISA in TTH) comprehensively covers the theoretical problems of RAISA adoption in tourism, principles of service automation, impacts of RAISA on business processes and competitiveness, and more, and at the same time focuses on the practical side of utilization of RAISA technologies in diverse tourism and hospitality entities.

The book consists of 13 chapters, written by 31 researchers from 16 institutions and companies in 7 countries on 3 continents.

Using a combination of theoretical discussion and real-world case studies, RAISA in TTH analyses the use of robotics, artificial intelligence and services automation within the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Divided into two sections, the book first concentrates on the theoretical aspects surrounding the use of RAISA in travel, tourism and hospitality. Some of the hemes explored include economic fundamentals, customer attitudes, chatbot adoption, service quality

Following on from this, the second section concentrates on current and future use of RAISA technologies in specific subsectors of the tourism economy: hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, museums, and events.

With an international scope of authorship and focus, the book is a useful reference source for scholars, students and general readers interested in robotics, artificial intelligence, and automation technologies. Alongside this, the business insights and case studies examined in the book offer practitioners guidance on how these technologies can and will be incorporated into organizations, particularly those in the travel and tourism industry.

An interesting fact and a real proof that RAISA in TTH is one of the most highly-anticipated books in the sphere of tourism and hospitality is that two weeks before its coming out, it already had several citations.

Stanislav Ivanov is Professor and Vice Rector (Research) at Varna University of Management, Bulgaria. He is the Founder and Editor-in-chief of the European Journal of Tourism Research and serves in the Editorial boards of over 30 other journals. Alongside publications in multiple academic journals, such as Tourism Management and Tourism Economics, he is also the author of Hotel Revenue Management: From Theory to Practice (2014).

Craig Webster is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management at Ball State University, USA. His research interests include the political economy of tourism, public opinion analysis, and human rights. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Tourism Today, has published in numerous international peer-reviewed journals, and is the co-editor of Future Tourism: Political, Social, and Economic Challenges (2012).



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