In the last few weeks, VUM has received new recognition within the field of education

Varna University of Management (VUM) has been nominated for the award of ‘Best regional enterprise’ with the field of education by the Socrates committee. The nomination shows another proof of the successful development of VUM within the professional, academic and educational field and it also demonstrates the high level of VUM graduates.

Another reason, VUM to be proud of, is the authoritative recognition, which Аssoc. prof. Todor Radev, the current rector of VUM, had received. The rector got an invitation to join the prestigious academic society “The Academic Union, Oxford (AU)”. The community has more than 140 members, including rectors, vice-rectors, PhD students, professors and eminent scholars from over 30 countries in 15 scientific fields.

Assoc. Prof. Radev received the invitation due to his consistent work in the various fields of science, medicine and education. His constant efforts strengthen the importance of education in all aspects of human life and contribute to the intellectual development of the modern society.

Whether VUM is going to receive a ‘Best regional enterprise’ award or not, will be decided at the Prime Business Destinations Forum, held by Europe Business Assembly in June 29-30 in Germany.

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