In the period 23.02 – 20.04.2023 Association “International Management Institute”, founder and partner of Varna University of Management (VUM) organized and held a 20-hour course on the topics of crowdfunding and donation culture within the Culture of Giving project. The training was attended by VUM students, volunteers at the Bulgarian Red Cross, representatives of the non-governmental sector and other interested parties. During the classes, the processes of organizing and managing fundraising campaigns for a social cause were discussed in detail. And now the participants of the course practically implement what they learned with a concrete cause for which to collect funds and plan the process of its presentation and promotion.

And the cause is close to us again! It is reached thanks to another pilot project for Bulgaria for social development and sustainable and healthy nutrition, developed and initiated jointly by Varna University of Management and the International College, with the financial support of the Agency for People with Disabilities. Perhaps few of you know that the “Academica” bistro nestled in the center of Varna is home to the Center for Sheltered Employment “Credo”, the first center in Varna and the second in Bulgaria, providing an adapted and protected workplace for disadvantaged people. For two years now, 15 young people with the objective opportunity and desire have been working in an environment that provides them with an optimal chance to realize their qualifications and potential, earn a living and learn, contributing to the magical culinary experiences of the people of Varna.

Every day they take care of the comfort and pleasant time of the visitors of Academica Bistro. Today we choose a cause to thank them and give them smiles! The aim of the campaign is to collect BGN 1,600, with which to send the 15 young people with permanent disabilities who work in the “Academica” bistro, Varna (and 3 of their companions) on a one-day trip to the city of Balchik, with a sea excursion with a secured vessel and lunch. We believe that this experience will be an unforgettable memory for them, but it will also contribute to their personal development.

The campaign is announced here: and will be active until August 11, 2023.

The funds will be used solely and only for the stated purposes, with a high level of accountability to the donors.

“To support a cause means to believe that you have the power and courage to change the world around you” – Bulgaria donates

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