One of the biggest IT companies in Varna – Taxback is starting a joint collaboration with VUM for educating young software experts in VUM new bachelor programme “Software systems and technologies”. This initiative comes as a result of our efforts to narrow the growing gap in the demand of highly qualified software specialists on the workforce market.

The programme itself will give a chance to the current and prospective students who are willing to join bachelor programme “Software system and technologies” at VUM to receive scholarship for their study of up to 500 Euro per semester and the opportunity to get paid internship during their education and full time job after their graduation.

Undoubtedly this is an incredible option for everyone who wants to study “Software system and technologies”, especially taking in consideration the fact that currently there is an ongoing validation process for double degree (Bulgarian and British) between VUM and their academic partner Cardiff Metropolitan.

The primary focuses of the study will be the most popular programing languages, operation systems and advanced data structures, software architecture, etc. “Software system and technologies” program is annually simonized with other similar programs of the leading international technology universities in USA. All the lecturers are prominent researchers in the field of software technologies and leading practitioners from the software industry.

Dr Nikolay Raychev – the director of the software system program at VUM, is the most cited author in the world in the field of quantum computing for the last month according to Research Gate. He is the only Bulgarian scientist who was invited to be a lecture in the field of the computer science by IEEE.
All the students who graduated in bachelor programme “Software systems and technologies” have a great chances for career development as software engineers, software developers, system and network administrators as well as business analysts in different organizations.

Our campaign for the academic year 2016/2017 is already open and everyone who is interested in joining this study programme could get more information at or on +359 885 398 663 или +359 885 398 630.

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