Once again we at Varna University of Management proved that we create the future leaders and we should be proud with our students achievements. The exceptional success of our students give us another confirmation that our educational practices are on the right path.
Four of our students graduating the International Hospitality Management BSc were approved for inclusion in the world’s biggest bibliographic database Scopus.

Our students were mentored by professor Stanislav Ivanov and the whole four accepted thesis are already included in Scopus index, however the full indexation process might take around 2-3 months time. In addition in the next couple of months it is expected that another thesis of our student from the same bachelor programme could be accepted as currently it is under editorial review.
The main topics concern Ukrainian tourist sector dynamics and impact of the economical and political environment factors on its development.

Publications and Authors’ details:

Ivanov, S., Idzhilova, K., & Webster, C. (2016). Impacts of the entry of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea into the Russian Federation on its tourism industry: An exploratory study. Tourism Management, 54, 162-169.

Ivanov, S., & Piddubna, K. (2016). Analysis of prices of accommodation establishments in Kiev: determinants, dynamics and parity. International Journal of Revenue Management (forthcoming)

Ivanov, S., Sypchenko, L. and Webster, C. (2016) International sanctions and Russia’s hotel industry: the impact on business and coping mechanisms of hoteliers. Tourism Planning & Development (forthcoming)

Ivanov, S., Gavrilina, M., Webster, C., & Ralko, V. (2016). Impacts of political instability on tourism industry in Ukraine. Journal of Policy Research in Tourism, Leisure and Events (forthcoming)

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