This was evident from the recent meeting between Assoc. Prof. Todor Radev and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Dr. Ivanka Shalapatova.

Minister Shalapatova visited bistro Academica and got acquainted with the ideas and implementation of Academica – VUM, a pilot project for social development and sustainable and healthy nutrition in Bulgaria, developed and initiated jointly by Varna University of Management and International College, with the financial support of the Agency for People with Disabilities. She appreciated and expressed her strong impression of the activities of the bistro, which is home to the Credo Centre for Sheltered Employment, the first in Varna and the second in Bulgaria to provide adapted and sheltered workplaces for disadvantaged people.

While the Minister of Social Policy was in Varna, Prof. Radev shared his vision for introducing new social projects. He plans to present these ideas to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy team over the next few months.

The reason for Minister Shalapatova’s visit to Varna was the discussion on “Interaction between Social Services and Social Enterprises,” organized by the Riviera Social Centre, which took place earlier that day. The working lunch at Akademika Bistro was also attended by members of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy team, representatives from the Social Assistance Agency, and the Riviera Day Care Centre.

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