• class of 2023
  • IT Project Manager

Hello, my name is Lucille Nawa, a Software Engineering graduate from the class of 2023 at VUM and I’m from Nigeria. I currently work as an IT Project Manager here in Varna Bulgaria and it’s been wonderful.

I remember my first day at VUM just like it was yesterday. Excited about starting a new journey but also worried about being all alone in a new country. If you resonate with the possibility of such feelings, I promise you it’s going to be okay, and this will most likely end up being one of the most magical experiences of your life.

The software engineering program is very well-structured and more practical than theoretical. You will gain a lot of knowledge ranging from coding to data structures to computational intelligence etc from skilled lecturers who aren’t just teachers but actually work in the IT industry with years of experience and knowledge on best practices for out of classroom scenarios.  

VUM is also very keen on sending students on internships, so throughout your course you will gain practical experience and build professional connections in the industry. Which often leads to potential employment, prospects or even referrals after graduation.

The university is very intentional about supporting its student’s professional growth, so they organize career fairs and several coding competitions throughout the school year. As a software engineer, you get better with constant practice and hands-on experience, so this gives you a kick start in the ever-growing tech industry.

Studying at VUM also helps with personal development through internships abroad. It fosters critical thinking, problem-solving skills, teamwork and better communication skills, all of which are essential for a successful career in Software Engineering.

VUM provides a solid foundation to excel, you just need to take advantage of all the opportunities, work hard and success is guaranteed.