The international partnership of Varna University of Management with .Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Parana, Brazil gives our students the opportunity to study there in year 4 of the Bachelor degree studies with the aim to obtain an undergraduate degree from PUCRP in addition to the degrees from VUM and CMU.

PUCPR is a great choice for those looking for tradition, high quality education and transforming academic experiences. We are among the TOP 3 best private universities in Brazil and the BEST within the Paraná state, a quality standard present in more than 60 undergraduate and 28 graduate (masters and PhD) programs.

In addition, PUCPR offers classes entirely in English through the English Semester Program, Portuguese classes throughout the semester and an intensive Portuguese program, as well as scholarships for research programs and internships possibilities for undergraduate and graduate students.

Our partners from PUCPR provide more information to interested students:

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