The demand for Information Technology (IT) professions has surged in recent years, both in Bulgaria and globally, rightfully earning the title “Professions of the Future.” Statistics reveal that graduates from such programmes find successful professional opportunities during their education and immediately after receiving their diplomas. Additionally, the sector offers starting salaries significantly higher than those in other fields, making it exceptionally attractive and promising for today’s youth.

Varna University of Management (VUM) stands out as a prominent “incubator” for highly qualified professionals in the Information Technology field. VUM pioneers the first Software Engineering programme in Bulgaria, aligned with the standards of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) – the world’s largest technical professional organization for technology development.

Why choose to study Software Engineering at Varna University of Management? There are several compelling reasons:

High-Quality Practical Education: VUM is renowned for offering high-quality practical education, ensuring students are well-prepared for success in their chosen careers. The Software Engineering programme combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience through real-world software development projects. In addition to purely technical disciplines, courses related to all stages of software production and their management are taught, preparing students for future leadership roles in the industry. The study modules are aligned with industry requirements and are regularly updated after thorough discussions with VUM business partners.

Experienced faculty members: The majority of lecturers are working professionals with extensive industry backgrounds and experience as senior programmers and managers. The contacts with them provide opportunities for easier professional realization after graduation and even in the process of education.

International Recognition: The programme is fully delivered in English and leads to the award of two degrees – one from VUM and another from the strategic academic partner, Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK.

Modern Facilities: VUM boasts modern classrooms, computer labs, and facilities equipped with the latest software and hardware essential for Software Engineering studies. The humanoid robot, Profy, enhances the training process, allowing students to program it to exhibit various behaviors in different scenarios.

Diverse Student Body: VUM fosters an international focus with a diverse student body representing over 50 countries. This diversity creates a dynamic learning environment, enabling students to share ideas and perspectives from various cultures.

Industry Connections: VUM’s strong industry connections and partnerships with local and international companies offer students opportunities for internships, guest lectures, workshops, and real-world software development projects. This exposure helps students develop the skills and expertise needed for success in the field.

Career Opportunities: The majority of Software Engineering programme students secure employment in the field after their first year of education, and upon graduation, many assume strategic or leadership positions.

Professional Development: Graduates can find professional development in areas such as the design and implementation of software systems. They can apply contemporary practices and tools learned during their studies to real-world scenarios.

Career Paths: Graduates can pursue careers as Software Engineers, Software Developers, Network Administrators, and Business Analysts in various organizations, dealing with software system updates, network security, and troubleshooting software issues.

Quality of Life: VUM’s location in the beautiful coastal city of Varna provides students with an excellent quality of life and numerous cultural and recreational opportunities.

In conclusion, studying Software Engineering at Varna University of Management is an excellent choice for those seeking a career in this dynamic field. With practical education, a diverse student body, industry connections, and a high quality of life, VUM provides everything needed for success in Software Engineering.

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