VUM’s International Business and Management programme is crafted to cultivate strategic thinkers with a vision and a distinctive approach to international business!

Varna University of Management (VUM) stands out as a premier educational institution offering an International Business Management programme in Bulgaria. Delivered entirely in English, the program grants two degrees – one from VUM and another from our esteemed academic partner, Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK.

The programme aims to furnish students with a holistic comprehension of the global business landscape and the competencies essential to thrive in the international arena. It molds leaders capable of engaging in discussions about economic, cultural, ethical, and social issues in international business, and proposing policies for corporate social responsibility.

Students gain crucial theoretical insights across various domains including economics, management, behavioral sciences, finance, human resources, marketing, entrepreneurship, information technologies, business ethics, organizational culture, and more. Our problem-based and case-based learning methodologies are intertwined with real-world business practices, fostering creativity and innovative thinking when tackling actual business scenarios.

This Programme hones your ability to evaluate international investments, intercultural organizations, and their integration into both local and global financial systems.

Moreover, students have the chance to learn foreign languages, engage in study abroad programmes, and garner hands-on experience through internships and practical projects. This enables them to forge connections, acquire skills and experiences in authentic settings, laying the groundwork for their future prosperous business endeavors.

The International Business and Management programme offers myriad benefits, with one of the most notable being the abundance of career prospects, both domestically and internationally.

Attaining a degree in International Business Management opens doors for professional opportunities in managing small and medium enterprises, occupying managerial roles in areas such as strategic management, marketing, international business planning, human resources, brand management, sales, finance, and numerous other sectors of the global business arena. Graduates emerge prepared for diverse roles including marketing and communications manager, sales manager, market analyst, project manager, human resource specialist, and more.

The International Business Management programme at Varna University of Management is a rigorous and all-encompassing curriculum that equips students for a thriving career in the global business landscape.

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