Varna University of Management would like to proudly present some of the connections of the university with the Republic of South Korea and the great opportunities that our students have for mobility programs with the Asian country.

Korea is a country in East Asia with a great culture and rich history. VUM is proud to share with you some key facts about the connections we have with this country and about the mobility opportunities that our students have.

Our connections are:

  • VUM has a signed agreement with Woosong Univeristy, which is located in Daejeon, South Korea. This enables mobility programs for students and staff.
  • We also have a signed agreement with Myongji University, located in Seoul, South Korea.

We were honored to have Korean students in our European Summer University at VUM last summer. The Korean students enjoyed very much the atmosphere and the studying in our university. We hope to see more Korean students in our Summer University 2018.

Varna University of Management and the Culinary Arts Institute co-hosted the 2017 Bulgaria-Korea Forum: Sharing Good Governance for Sustainable Development. The 2017 Bulgaria-Korea Forum introduced customized strategy for Bulgarian development based on the experience of the economic development of the Republic of Korea. It aimed to establish high-level exchange channel between the two countries as well as new business model between Korea and Bulgaria, and to appoint a Korean Economic Development Adviser to the Bulgarian Government. The Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management prepared a special lunch for the Korean and Bulgarian delegations.

There is an Honorary Consulate of the Republic of South Korea in Varna.

Follow our news feed to obtain information about VUM international cooperation with other countries as well.


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