Varna University of Management (VUM) is pleased to announce that 10 applicants for Software Engineering bachelor’s programme will now have the opportunity to earn Bitcoin scholarships, starting from Fall 2018 semester. The value of the scholarships will be up to 1000 EUR per semester and the student has the choice whether to receive it in EUR or in the equivalent amount of Bitcoins. The amount of the scholarships and technical details of the transfer will be decided depending on the student’s background, past achievements and country of residence, to comply with local legal procedures.

Plan to conduct of accepting Bitcoin as payment for tuition and accommodation fees is also in the works and we hope that we will finalize it in the upcoming months. Our School of Computer Science is also working on adding modules of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to our existing Bachelor’s programme in Software Engineering.

We strongly believe that cryptocurrency is an inevitable technical development that will lead to significant innovation in all aspects of our lifes.  VUM is an innovative and future-oriented university. Endorsing and integrating bitcoin is only a rational choice for us. We are always interested in delivering disruptive technologies in our IT and Business programmes and cryptocurrency is definetely one of them.

What we aim to achieve with this scholarship programme is to attract some of the brightest students from all around the world to study at Varna University of Management. As Varna University of Management will now be the only accredited university to offer scholarships in Bitcoins, we believe that we will have a chance to attract some of the brightest students to Varna. We are convinced that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are changing the world and we think that universities should contribute to this revolution. In this light, we encourage universities and all academic institutions to embrace this change.

We would also like to take this chance to encourage the Bulgarian government and local authorities to turn Varna into a hub for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies trading. We believe that Bitcoin offers a significant opportunity for innovation and development; we would like to see our beloved country using its powerful human capital to become a leader in this digital revolution. This can create an entirely new industry and thousands of new jobs in Varna and all Bulgaria.


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Currently around 1000 students from more than 40 countries are studying at Varna University of Management. International students make up 27% of the student body.

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