The second interview in the series about the successful diploma projects of students of Varna University of Management is with Filipa Mihailova, studying in the International Business Management Programme.

 Present yourself.

My name is Filipa Mihailova and I am a 3rd year student in the International Business and Management Programme at Varna University of Management.

Just a few days ago you submitted your final dissertation. What was the topic that you chose?

The topic I chose is “Can social media influencing be a full-time job in Bulgaria?”

Why did you choose exactly this topic?

I do digital marketing and I find the topic quite close to my interests.

How much time did it take you for the overall writing of the dissertation?

I started my research in December. In 5 months I finished the overall development.

Tell us about the obstacles you had to go through when writing?

The biggest challenge I encountered was gathering information and surveying well-known influencers. Despite the obstacles, I had a clear plan and thanks to it I gathered the necessary information in literally a few days.

Share with us an interesting or funny moment when writing your dissertation?

 In March, I realized that I had mistakenly deleted the online survey with all the answers and statistics. A very responsive lady from Google custom service helped me recover the information. It was definitely not funny then, but I consider it an interesting moment.

What is the feeling of a job well-done?

 I feel wonderful! One task less, and I’m happy with the results.

What would you recommend to your colleagues that are about to write their dissertations?

 Start early, don’t procrastinate. And most importantly – choose a topic that excites you personally!

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