On February 24th, a competition for young programmers “Algorithmika” was held at Varna University of Management, in which high-school and university students from Varna and Dobrich competed for the big prizes provided by the partners of the event KBC Global Services and Sirma Group.

The competition included 8 tasks of varying complexity on algorithm development, and the participants had to use one of the main programming languages – Java, JavaScript, C, C#, C++, Python.

A committee from the teaching staff of Varna University of Management evaluated the developments based on the criteria of correctness and effectiveness of the solution, code quality and overall approach.

The battle was contested, but in the end, the following reached the podium:

1. Tonislav Troev – total score 256 points

2. Samuil Vasilev – total score 194 points

3. Georgi Petkov – total score 180 points

Congratulations to the winners!

Various incentive prizes will be awarded also to Ralitsa Nikolova, Alihan Femi, Antoni Vasilev and Saif Metwally, who received a total score of over 100 points.

We invite them to receive their awards tomorrow, February 27, at 4:00 PM in Hall 400, Floor 4 of Varna University of Management.

We express our gratitude to all participants and wish them success in their chosen path forward! We also sincerely thank our partners from от KBC Global Services and Sirma Group, without whose support this event could not be so successful!

If you have any questions regarding the evaluation, you can contact Mr. Vesselin Zaimov at vesselin.zaimov@vumk.eu.