Rodolpho Pagliarini, who studies Business Administration, talks about traveling that has brought new perspectives to his life

Studying at an international university, with people from more than 30 different nationalities, living with new realities, beat all stereotypes and even being invited to work in the Nubank office, all that was part of one of the main life experiences of Rodolpho Pagliarini, PUCPR Administration student, who was in Bulgaria from September 2017 to February 2018, studying at Varna University of Management.

There, Rodolpho studied Economics, Business Communications, International Business Management and International and Global Marketing. But for him, studying went far beyond theoretical knowledge. “I had the opportunity to meet people from more than 10 different countries. Every day I learned something new, from dialects in the mother tongue of the country to body gestures. I deconstructed prejudices with tribes, religions, and opened my mind to all kinds of personalities. I learned that it does not matter what we already know about the world: only coming out of our home country is that we know and where we really live, “he says.

For Rodolpho, the trip involved getting to know other cultures, as well as professional and personal growth. “I tried the local gastronomy without knowing exactly what I was asking for and suddenly I was surprised by that taste,” he says. “I got lost in a capital without battery on the cell phone and had to be guided only with the help of locals; I learned the language as good as to wish a good day and even discussed topics as economics and marketing with people from 10 different nationalities, “he recalls.



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