On February 26th, a “Martenitsa Day” Charity Workshop was held at the Varna University of Management campus in Dobrich.

Students from Bulgaria, France, Poland, Latvia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe, Libya, Morocco and Egypt got acquainted with the old Bulgarian tradition, learned who Baba Marta (Grandma March) is and made beautiful martenitsas – symbol of health, fertility and springing new life. High spirits, big smiles and fun – in such an atmosphere the international students twined red and white threads and accepted in their hearts this centuries-old unique Bulgarian tradition.

Representatives of the Day Care Center for Adults with Disabilities – Dobrich also took part in the event, supporting the campaign with attractive hand-made martenitsas.

All martenitsas were donated to Karin Dom, Varna, and will be exhibited at specially organized bazaars within the Martenitsa campaign 2019. The raised funds will support the therapeutic work of the Center for Family-Mediated Intervention at this charity organization.

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