Преживенчески туризъм

Varna University of Management is hosting a 3-day entrepreneurship camp, which will involve 15 young people from Armenia, Greece, Georgia and Bulgaria. The main theme of the event is the opportunities for entrepreneurship in the tourism sector, based on experiences and more specifically on cultural and historical heritage.
The purpose of the forum, which starts on August 3rd, is to provide young people with an interest in starting their own business with support in acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to help their venture succeed. The event is held on the initiative of Varna University of Management, which has traditions in entrepreneurship and tourism education.
The rich cultural and historical heritage of the Varna region – architecture, events and artifacts – will become an engine of entrepreneurial imagination for young people, who will generate and develop their entrepreneurial idea in the field of tourism based on experiences within the framework of the practical panels of the forum .
The camp program combines sessions related to theory and practice. Participants will learn about important concepts and approaches in the field of tourism, event organization, the use of digital technologies and the promotion of cultural and historical heritage, etc.

This is the third of a total of four events that take place within the framework of the PRO EXTOUR project “Promotion of experiential tourism with a focus on the cultural and historical heritage of the Black Sea Basin”, which is implemented under the SOP “Black Sea Basin 2014 – 2020”. In the past two months, Greece and Georgia hosted similar events, and this one in Armenia is coming at the end of August.

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