Why do your MBA in Varna?

You are considering an MBA, but daunted by the cost?

That’s not surprising. In 2017, the average fee for a four-semester MBA program was estimated at about 50,000 EUR!

And if you calculate the salary that you are going to lose for the time of your education, the rent and living costs in case you have to relocate, the things look even worse.

But the good news is that there are still low-cost MBA programs with great quality.

One such option is the double degree MBA program of Varna University of Management, held in cooperation with Cardiff Metropolitan University – United Kingdom. The study is entirely in Bulgaria, in English. You will receive a double Bulgarian-British diploma.

Varna University of Management is located in Varna – the third largest city in Bulgaria, and a world-famous resort located at the Black Sea coast.

The MBA program in Varna University of Management is company-focused and takes a string of cross-cultural and international perspectives in most areas of study.

The main goals of the program are to:

  • Acquire the necessary skills to analyze a wide variety of approaches to the study of management and business.
  • Develop an ability to evaluate the influences of different issues in the business environment.
  • Develop an ability to assess changes in business administration in a wider social, political, and organizational context.
  • Develop an ability to synthesize ideas and information, and create new approaches to respond to problems, develop new strategies in new situations.
  • Build on the ability to appraise the range of human, economic, and ethical dilemmas, impinging on the contemporary manager.

The program lasts a total of three semesters – two taught semesters and a preparation of a dissertation. The price of the entire MBA is in Varna University of Management is 5850 EUR, which makes it one of the most affordable MBAs of such a high quality.

Some of the core modules of the program are Accounting for decision makers, Strategic management, People and organizations, Research methods, and Marketing.

Elective modules are Strategic retail management, International human resource management, Managing change, and Management of finance.

Very important part of the process of achieving the MBA degree is the preparation of the dissertation. It provides each student with the chance to work independently and develop skills to make evaluative and critical judgments. Each student at Varna University of Management is guided by a personal tutor throughout the preparation of the dissertation. The dissertation should demonstrate the ability of the student to apply the gained knowledge in practice, particularly at the strategic level.

The program provides excellent job opportunities to the students in leading Bulgarian and international companies.

Having an MBA will help you stand out. It will give you the knowledge, capabilities, and competences that go beyond simple studies. The MBA diploma will help you improve your career development. Many employers worldwide value more vocational and specified skills of students, which you will obtain through the MBA program of Varna University of Management.

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