Why do your MBA in Bulgaria?

Want to do an MBA? Want to study in Europe? Bulgaria would be an awesome choice!

Being affordable, safe, and having partners or campuses of some of Europe’s most credible universities, Bulgaria is becoming a top destination for students from all over the world.

Check out the country and the tempting opportunities it provides for doing an MBA, like the double degree diploma from Varna University of Management!

Bulgaria is one of Europe’s oldest countries, keeping its name and territory for more than 1300 years. Here you can still enjoy the culture of Slavic, Thracian, and Bulgarian heritage, along with Roman, Greek, Persian, Ottoman, and Celtic influences.

This small country, located in the Balkan Peninsula, is becoming a selected destination for many international students. So here you can meet young people from all around the world.

The people here are friendly, and many of them speak English.

There are plenty of amazing summer resorts with endless sandy beaches and warm sea water to enjoy in summer. And there are also world famous winter resorts to enjoy snow sports in winter.

You can explore the beautiful mountains or huge open landscapes all year round – each of the four seasons in Bulgaria has its own charm and beauty. The nature here is still well preserved – about 34% of the territory of the country is included in the Pan-European network for protection of the wild flora and fauna Natura 2000.

Varna University of Management is a great place to get your MBA degree. It is located in Eastern Bulgaria, in the beautiful city of Varna.

The University, in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK), is offering a joint MBA program. This provides the opportunity to the students to receive a double British and Bulgarian degree, without spending time in the UK. The program is on the seventh place in Eastern Europe according to Eduniversal ranks – a prestigious internationally recognized rating. The University is on the first place for student mobility, quality of courses and teaching, international orientation, opportunity to study abroad, student scholarships, graduation on time, research publications, and foreign student programs according to another globally recognized rating – U-Multirank.

The entire MBA education in Varna University of Management is held in English. The studied material is strongly practical, focusing on the real business and case studies.

The program is scheduled in a way to allow the students to carry out their professional obligations.

The tuition fee of the MBA in Varna University of Management is absolutely affordable and is 5850 EUR for the entire course of study (3 semesters).

Together with the low living expenses in Bulgaria and the different options for receiving a scholarship of up to 1000 EUR per semester, the low tuition fee makes this one of the most affordable MBA programs in Eastern Europe.

If you are a citizen of one of the countries from the European Economic Area or the European Union, applying for an MBA in Varna University of Management, you can receive a low-interest Student’s Loan.


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