Varna University of Management is recognized for its undergraduate and master programmes delivered exclusively in English language and leading to the award of two degrees – Bulgarian from VUM and British from our strategic academic partner Cardiff Metropolitan University in the UK.

Thanks to its internationally recognized programmes, VUM has one of the highest international students’ rates in Bulgaria. Today, full-time students from nearly 50 countries across the globe are studying at VUM and for less than 20% of them English is a mother tongue.

Considering that studying in a foreign language is a challenge for many students, the VUM team designed a special programme for those who are not yet confident enough in their knowledge of English. They have the opportunity to start their studies at the VUM campus in Dobrich in the 4-year “Business Administration (with specializations)” programme, where the required initial level of English language proficiency is lower.

In the first year, students study the core business modules planned in the curriculum, in parallel with intensive language training. Moreover, the everyday communication with their peers from all over the world helps them to get better and better and feel comfortable in speaking and reading in English.

The Business Administration program is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to succeed in the rapidly changing global business environment. It prepares specialists in the field of administration, management, teams’ organization and management, planning and controlling of processes, tasks and projects. Students acquire important theoretical knowledge in economics, management, marketing, finance and accounting as well as practical skills such as leadership, conflict management, organizational behavior, working with modern information systems and many others.

Problem-based and case-based learning techniques that we apply during the course of education are related to the actual business practice. In other words, our goal is to develop students’ ability to think critically and to analyze all functional areas of business in different institutional and organizational contexts. By the end of the course our students are ready to be entrepreneurs with a strong knowledge in the field of business administration, rich intercultural awareness and innovative thinking, who are prepared to contribute to positive changes in the business environment.

A great advantage of the programme is the opportunity for specialization in the spheres of Human Resources Management, Marketing, Service Management and Technology Management based in specialized modules in the 3rd and 4th year of education.

Moreover, the programme is offered in the beautiful and calm city of Dobrich – am important cultural, economic and administrative center in the Northeast economic region of Bulgaria. The VUM Dobrich Campus offers modern educational and accommodation facilities, as well as a lot of opportunities for sports, cultural and other activities.

Overall, studying Business Administration at VUM Dobrich Campus can be a great choice for those who are interested in pursuing a career in business, whether in Bulgaria or internationally.

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