Do you imagine that studying in a university is boring? Do you think that professors are white-haired people who flood you with piles of unnecessary information from various thick books? Do you consider scientific publications to be like quantum physics in Chinese?

You are terribly wrong!

At Varna University of Management, we shall prove you wrong!

Everything here is dynamic, useful and always looking to the future. The training is practice-oriented, based on real-life case studies and following the British higher education standards. The groups are small and all students receive personal treatment and attention. In addition, you are surrounded by people from all over the world, as students from nearly 50 countries study with us.

At VUM, you will be taught by people from the business, with whom you will speak on a personal basis, even if they are professors. They will teach you everything you need to realize yourself in your chosen field and not only that – they will turn you into people of success, people of practice, but also into people of science.

Yes, science! We will prove to you that scientific research is as useful as it is fun. That science is all around us, even where we least expect it – in Star Wars!

We are proud to share one of the latest publications of VUM Vice Rector (Research) Prof. Dr. Stanislav Ivanov – What can we learn from “Star Wars” about the future of tourism? Absolutely everything!

Enjoy it!

And if you wonder what you can learn at VUM for your future successful professional realization, the answer is “Absolutely everything!”

Do not hesitate! Apply now!

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