Four days of staff training for senior faculty and staff members of partner universities in Armenia, Belarus and Moldova is taking place at Varna University of Management this week within the university project “Fostering university-enterprise cooperation and entrepreneurship of students via SMART Caffes (SMART)”, under Key Action 2 of the Erasmus+ Programme “Capacity building in the field of higher education”.

The guests of VUM come from 8 reputable universities in Yerevan, Gavar, Minsk, Gomel, Chisinau and Balti and are being trained in areas as Time Management, Conflict Management and Creative Problem Solving.

The SMART Project aims at strengthening the resources of Higher Education Entities in Eastern European countries Armenia, Moldova and Belarus. The first phase of the project has been dedicated to identifying good practices existing in the member countries of the EU (Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Germany and Belgium).

At the same time, the entities of the Eastern countries have begun to manage the acquisition of technical and real estate resources for the SMART CAFFES that will be launched in the aforementioned countries.

As a result of the analysis made, a series of training courses are prepared, given by experts from the EU Universities partnering in the project, which are taught to students, professors and professionals related to the topics identified in the good practices.

The key trainers of the current staff-training course are some of the leading VUM lecturers, namely Dr. Ina Stanoeva, Assoc. Prof. Silvena Dencheva and Dr. Roumiana Konstantinova.

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