This is a story by Avi Patel – a Master’s student at VUM – shared in front of one of the most popular newspapers in Gujarat Province, India.
“It is a matter of pride to see an Indian festival become a landmark of world celebration, with millions of NRIs and foreigners playing, dancing and celebrating with colors! Although the festival has its roots in North India, it has definitely touched the heart of the world.
Similarly, on Dhuleti Day, Avi Patel, a young Indian filmmaker and 4 other Indians studying at Varna University of Management in Bulgaria, celebrated Holi, a popular ancient Hindu festival, with friends from different parts of the world studying at the university. And the festival of Indian culture was enjoyed by all together.
Varna is a city in Bulgaria where very few Indians can be found at the fingertips and it is a matter of great pride that such a place celebrates the ancient festivals of India.
Indra, Vivek, Sonia and I were remembering our festivals in a country far away from our hometown and decided to share with our friends from other countries about this festival. We went to the rooms of all our classmates living in the dormitory and told them about the traditions in celebrating Dhuleti. It was a great time spent together and everyone, no matter from which country is coming, enjoyed this ancient festival of India and adopted the definition of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” (The world is family!). I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the friends from different countries celebrating together with us.”

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