Students from Varna University of Management presented their countries on the first of its kind in Varna Intercultural Fair 2017, which is organized with the support of Varna European Youth Capital 2017.

Melih from Turkey (MBA student at VUM) demonstrated folklore dance from the region of Izmir in front of the hundreds of visitors in the festival. Other VUM students also presented their countries – Russia with a Russian story, Guatemala – with its traditions and typical cuisine. One of VUM students from India helped other Indian students in their demonstration of typical recipes. A student from Vietnam talked about the nature and the economics of the Asian country.

During the festival, food, dances, story telling, demonstrations of history and nature were presented also Brazil with Capoeira, Nigeria with traditional dances, India with culinary delights, Lebanon with Kanafah, Armenia with dance and cookies, Argentina with typical dishes and last but not least France with its typical cuisine. Bulgaria impressed the local and international visitors with dances, traditional dishes and wines.


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