VUM students in the best restaurants of the world

On June 19th, 2018, the consecutive edition of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants was held in Bilbao, Spain. The Italian Restaurant Osteria Francescana by chef Massimo Bottura was once again crowned as the best restaurant of the world. “My first thoughts go to my team in Modena, in Florence”, were the words of chef Bottura, referring to all the people working under his supervision.

Our student Rosen – second year in Hospitality and Culinary Arts – is one of them and part of the team since February 2018. Hard work pays off and his excitement can be noted in what he says:
“Last week, during the service time, everyone in the kitchen -stagiaires, waiters, chefs, even the kitchen porters- watched the awards. When second place was announced everybody started to scream and jump… we knew that we were the Best Restaurant in the World for 2018. It was an incredible night with lots of emotion and happiness!”.
Second place was granted to El Cellar de Can Roca, which, in turn, is 1st in the list of best restaurants in Spain – the country where most of our students perform their internships in. Ulvi’s internship, an international third year student in the same speciality, is taking place there and he shared a picture of him with the Roca brothers – heads of the restaurant and his mentors during his 6-month long traineeship.

Ms. Malenkina, our Career Center Coordinator at Varna Campus, corroborates that almost 70% of the students’ internship in restaurants are held in the Mediterranean country. “The Career Center works towards new quality partnerships with potential employers. Considering only one of our tourism programs (Hospitality and Culinary Arts), so far this year we have formalized more than 10 new cooperation agreements with employers already hosting our students, 54% of them are 3 Michelin starred restaurants.” Apart from the two partnerships mentioned above, other new partners include the restaurant chains of chef Martin Berasategui, Quique Dacosta, DiverXo by David Muñoz or ABaC by the renowned chef Jordi Cruz among others.

Varna University of Management has wide experience in finding and organizing internship all around Europe and is proud of its students and the hands-on knowledge they acquire, which complements the theoretical and practical classes they receive at the university.