The Tourism department at Varna University of Management signed an agreement with the online platform Travelife to allow free access to VUM students in hospitality.

They now have the unique chance to get certified by SUSTOUR for sustainable development of tour operations. In the frame of the module Tourism intermediaries, students will have access to the online learning platform of Travelife for Tour Operators. After completing the training students should pass the exams to receive a certificate of Sustainability in tour operations.

SUSTOUR (2020-2023) works closely with European travel associations to support the tourism industry towards more sustainable operations. ECTAA, the European umbrella association for national Travel Agent’s and Tour Operator’s associations, is a formal project partner in the SUSTOUR project.

The signed agreement is another proof of the constant desire of VUM faculty to teach and develop our students and to stimulate their growth as professionals in the hospitality industry. Problem-based and case-based learning techniques applied during the course of education are related to the actual practice in the hospitality business and lead to creativity and innovative thinking when dealing with real cases in business practice, teamwork skills, communication, planning, organizational skills, decision-making and conflict management.

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