The EU Pact for Skills was launched on the 10th of November 2020. The Pact is the first of the flagship actions under the European Skills Agenda and is firmly anchored in the European Pillar of Social Rights. This initiative aims to mobilise resources to make investments in skills and set up a shared engagement model, to collectively take action to upskill and reskill the workforce of different industrial sectors. It calls on industry, employers, social partners, chambers of commerce, public authorities, vocational education and training providers, higher education institutions and employment agencies to work together and make a clear commitment to invest in training for all working age people across the Union in the form of a large-scale skills partnership. The objective of the Pact for Skills is to promote joint action to maximise the impact of investing in improving existing skills (upskilling) and training in new skills (reskilling).

On the 31st of January 2022, Varna University of Management, together with the rest partners from the Next Tourism Generation Alliance signed and supported the official Pact for Skills partnership for workers in the tourism industry. The Pact for Skills in Tourism will serve as a recovery strategy that implements an up/reskilling framework, maximising the potential of the tourism sector, building resilience and meeting the challenges of the green and digital transition. This in turn creates new job opportunities and paves the way for a skills partnership for the tourism ecosystem as a whole. It presents a roadmap towards skills transformation and contributes to post-COVID recovery through immediate, short and long-term action and strategy.

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