The recently published annual report of the European Commission for the Erasmus+ Programme for 2017 shows that almost one third of all students incoming from partner countries are studying at Varna University of Management.
In the end of January 2019 the European Commission published its annual report for the Erasmus+ Programme for 2017, which presented extremely high values in terms of both the amount of financing and the number of realized projects and mobility.
The records show that the biggest European Programme for education, training, youth and sports Erasmus+ is a step closer to achieving its aim for supporting 3.7% of the young people in the European Union during the period 2014-2020.
In November 2017 the EU leaders reached agreement for increasing the opportunities for mobility and exchange, including a significant development of the whole Programme. Then in 2018, the Commission presented an ambitious suggestion for doubling the budget for the next period, which aimed at a major increase in the number of participants, as well as strengthening the Programme’s integration role, availability to people coming from different environments and cultures, and last but not least – its international character.
As usual, Varna University of Management not only follows, but sometimes even achieves in advance the initially set targets. With every year passing, the number of realized mobility among non-EU countries under the Erasmus+ Programme increases significantly. This perfectly goes with the tendency for making the Programme more and more international, as well as for the integration and encouragement of the exchange with Partner countries. According to the statistical data in the report of the European Commission, during the Academic 2016/2017 year, 233 students from Partner countriesunder the Erasmus+ Programme, had realized their mobility in Bulgaria. Almost 1/3rd or specifically 71 of them had studied at Varna University of Management, which is not surprising. In 2018 the University was ranked 1st in the world on the “Student Mobility” criteria by U-Multirank – one moreproof that the countless efforts during the years, as well as the active academic community of VUM have been internationally recognized.

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