XVIII scientific conference “Information technologies in science and education, business and tourism”, organized by the Varna University of Management, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) and Cherkasy National University “Bohdan Khmelnitsky” (Ukraine) was held on the 11th and 12th of July at the Flamingo Hotel in Albena Resort.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Bulgarian and Ukrainian universities, London city college and the Association of French psychologists.

The conference was opened by Prof. Silvena Dencheva (VUM), who greeted the participants. The rector of VUM, Assoc. Dr. Todor Radev also greeted them.
Prof. Arkhipova from Cherkasy National University shared the main problems facing the Ukrainian university and the country in the last few months.

Acad. Jatsko Ivanov from BAS shared a plenary report on the phenomenon of online education during the COVID crisis. In it, he looked at all the challenges facing universities in many countries and gave some positive feedback examples of how different countries have changed their education to meet the changing needs of their students. He presented best practices in MBA programs in France and Slovakia, where MBA students were successfully involved in supporting various companies. Acad. Ivanov’s report provoked a discussion among the participants, who expressed concern about online education, which leads to lower motivation among students.

An empirical study on topic of professional tolerance among future social workers was presented by Prof. Krivopishina from France. According to her research, tolerant employees are happy employees. It examines the relationship between tolerance and personal happiness in the workplace.

In addition to the reports, a round table was held within the event, examining the applicability of information technologies in business, education and tourism.

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