This year Varna University of Management is launching a new Master Programme, namely “Advertising, Business Design and Brand Management”. The program is developed jointly with the first multidisciplinary creative academy – ARC Academy, which is focused on developing the skills and talent of young people as well as on the elaboration of specific disciplines for the creative industry.

The Master’s programme of VUM “Advertising, Business Design and Brand Management” is developed in partnership with the experienced professionals from the ARC Academy and thanks to the collaboration with this innovative creative academy, Varna University of Management reinforces the practical focus of the training of its students, thus aiming to motivate their creativity and innovative thinking in solving practical cases and creating the foundation of their future successful realization in the framework of their education.

The new Master programme covers the entire process of creating one brand and its life cycle. The curriculum and the sequence of the disciplines studied are designed to follow the logical development of the brand, each of which builds upon the student’s knowledge and understanding of marketing processes. The Programme starts with subjects related to consumer and environment analysis, followed by lectures on innovation and product development, branding, strategic and creative thinking, and in the end the focus is on communication strategies. The aim of the Programme is not only to gain in-depth knowledge of marketing but also to develop professional and practical skills that are particularly important for successful professional realization. The training will be in Bulgarian language and for now the programme will be offered only in Sofia.

The innovative approach of the professionals at ARC Academy leads to the start in October of a few other programmes  – “Digital Arts Fundamentals”, including the basic tools and software that must be known for successful digital career in digital arts, “Game Development”, where one can learn games design, 3D modeling, animation and more and “Brand Building”, where students will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about consumer behavior, product innovation, branding, marketing strategies, advertising, and digital marketing. Gradually, the school will seek to expand the range of disciplines offered in areas such as “Film Production” and “Space Design”.

You can find more about the Masters in Advertising, Business Design and Brand Management here (available only in Bulgarian language) and detailed information about ARC Academy’s activities and programs – on the Academy’s website.

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