When: October 29, 2017

Where: Varna University of Management, Conference Room

What: VUM Codeit Fest 2017

Participation in the VUM Codeit Fest is free of charge. If you are interested to participate, please register through this link.


10:00 IoT – Nikolay Raychev

11:00 .NET Core 2.0: What’s new and why it matters – Osman Osman

12:00 DevOps: Continuous deployment with Jenkins and VS Team Services – Osman Osman

14:00 Machine Learning Algorithms: Self-learning neural networks without a supervisor – Georgi Marinov

15:00 Why React? – Nikolay Anastasov

16:00 Angular 2/4 vs React – Georgi Marinov

17:00 Build Node.js RESTful APIs – Kaloyan Lachezarov

18:00 Blockchain Technology and it’s integration in business – Tihomir Petrov, Rafat Hamud, Ayredin Stoyanov

Who are the lecturers:

  • Assoc prof. Nikolay Raychev, VUM lecturer
  • Osman Osman, VUM lecturer
  • Nikolay Anastasov, 3rd year VUM student
  • Kaloyan Lachezarov, 2nd year VUM student
  • Georgi Marinov, 1st year VUM student
  • Rafat Hamud, 2nd year VUM student
  • Ayredin Stoyanov, 2nd year VUM student
  • Tihomir Petrov, 2nd year VUM student


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