Cardiff students' field trip

Cardiff students' field tripVUM and Cardiff students will explore the tourism potential of Dobrudza. The foreign students came to Bulgaria together with their teachers from one of the largest universities in the UK – Cardiff Metropolitan University. The invitation came from Varna University of Management, a longtime partner of Cardiff.

The students will explore the tourism potential in an undeveloped area – Dobrudza. The young people have to analyze the existing potential of the region as a tourist destination, to prepare a project for development of the area and to make recommendations for concrete actions.

During the field trip the students will visit key places in Dobrudzha such as Krushari, Alexandria village, Suhara reka area, Durankulak lake and many more. The students will meet representatives of local authorities, tourist entrepreneurs, local residents and institutions to submit their observations and discuss the topic.

In addition, special lectures on cultural tourism, branding and marketing of destinations will be organized for the participants. The topics will be presented by leading experts in tourism, including the consultant Iveta Ohrid-Olsson and the entrepreneur Hristo Yanev.

The British students will actively participate in all VUM student initiatives. Using the results of their study in Dobrudza, the students will prepare projects that will be evaluated. The projects will be sent to businesses and various institutions in the region.

The field trip is part of the curriculum of Cardiff Metropolitan University students and is organized by VUM. The two universities offer joint programs in the field of tourism and international business. VUM graduates receive two diplomas – Bulgarian from VUM and British one from Cardiff Metropolitan University.

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