BG-KoreaVarna University of Management and Culinary Arts Institute will be co-host of the 2017 Bulgaria-Korea Forum:
Sharing Good Governance for Sustainable Development.

The theme of this year’s forum includes topics as:

  • The Role of Leadership and Good Governance in the Economic Development of the Republic of Korea;
  • Sharing the Experience of the Economy Prosperity of the Republic of Korea;
  • Cooperation in the Sphere of Education, Business Cooperation Model.

The 2017 Bulgaria-Korea Forum aims to introduce customized strategy for Bulgarian development based on the experience of the economic development of the Republic of Korea; to establish high-level exchange channel between the two countries as well as new business model between Korea and Bulgaria; and to appoint a Korean Economic Development Adviser to the Bulgarian Government.

The Culinary Arts Institute at Varna University of Management will prepare a special lunch for the Korean and Bulgarian delegations and they promise to have little culinary surprises for the guests.

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