DSC04598At the end of May VUM was once again honored to welcome Dr. Chris Russell from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Dr. Russell is Head of Department for Accounting, Economics and Finance at Cardiff Met, and he is also the main moderator of the double degree programs, offered in Varna by VUM and Cardiff Met.

During his visit Dr. Chris Russell did a complete verification of the assessment module packs for the 1st and 2nd years of the academic year 2016/2017. This includes a thorough check and comparison of the methods of grading, the results of the students, and the way classes are taught for the validated years 1 and 2, as well as a complete check for the franchising programme offered at VUM.

Dr. Russell participated in the Joint Program Committee for all Bachelor and Master degree programs and he gave onsite feedback. Students and staff at VUM had the opportunity to meet with him and discuss the current situation of the program and to receive answers to their questions. Dr. Russell also had discussions and consultations with the Vice Rector for Quality, Standards and Local Structures Director at Varna University of Management, Sofia – prof. Vesselin Blagoev and with prof. Stanislav Ivanov – Vice rector (Research) in Varna University of Management. During the consultation Dr. Russell and prof. Ivanov discussed the opportunity for a PhD programme for VUM’s teaching staff at Cardiff Metropolitan University. This is a proof of the continuous development and improvement of the partnership between the two universities and the strive of VUM to constantly upgrade not only the programs it offers but also to strengthen the skills and knowledge of its academic staff.

Furthermore Dr. Russell’s visit included a stop at VUM’s OPEN DAY which was held on May 25th. During this informational campaign Dr. Russell talked about the strong partnership that has already been formed between the two institutions. The Open Day was simultaneously done in person – in the VUM conference room and at the same time it was life-streamed online for the applicant students from abroad. All participants were able to ask questions and to receive current information.

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