Dormitories based in the city of Varna, suggest accommodation in a single and shared rooms with a private or shared bathroom, or a studio with a private bathroom. The conditions of accommodation vary through the type of the rental.

The prices depend on the semester of studies (Summer school or regular semester) as well as on whether the student is on an exchange programme or he/she is a full time VUM student. In order to receive a price quote, please send an email to admissions@vum.bg.

Accommodation in a particular room is preceded by a registration in the Dormitory Address Book, the applicant completes an address card which is given to the office. The address registration in the Dormitory Address Book is done by the Manager / administrator. Within 30 days after accommodation in the dormitory, the accommodated person shall make a current address registration at ESGRAON municipal service, according to the Civil Registration Act, and submit a copy of the address card to the Manager.
Upon check-in and check-out, a protocol shall be drawn up for acceptance/ turning over of the residential premises and the property therein, together with the Internal Rules and Regulations. The protocol shall be signed by the Manager or the administrator and the student.
Upon check-out, the Manager or the administrator shall note the check-out date in the Address Book and issue a Certificate of absence of liabilities to the Dormitory.

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Refer your payments to the following bank accounts for paying your Accommodation Fees:

Account holder: International College Ltd
Account holder address: 4 Vasil Levski str. 9300 Dobrich, Bulgaria
Bank name: International Asset Bank
Bank account in Euro – IBAN: BG51 IABG 7495 1400 5824 00
Reason: Payment of accommodation fee/ … /name of student, ID card number, specialty, course/
Amount: ……

Deposit amount depends on the duration of your study programme and may vary:Accommodation in the Student Dormitory is done by prepaying a deposit, by which students guarantee their accommodation in the Student Dormitory in both cities (Varna and Dobrich). Upon arrival you will meet a representative of the Student Welfare Department, who will assist you with your accommodation and present you in front of the Dormitory Manager.

Deposits up to 5 months rental – 400 Euro
Deposits more up to 10 months rental – 800 Euro

Students have also the possibility to book their room during the summer break/placement duration by paying half of the amount of the monthly rental. In this way after their return they can enter the same room they used to live in before, without removing their personal belongings.



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