Universities in Europe with English Taught Programs

If you are interested in universities with English taught programs you will most probably first think of the English-speaking countries, like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, etc.

But unfortunately, most of these popular English-speaking study destinations are too expensive, particularly for students from other countries.

If you prefer a cheaper destination, or just like the idea of studying somewhere new and different, there are plenty of alternative destinations to study in English and save some money.

In the recent years, Europe is becoming a top region for studying in English, and this also applies to countries where English is not the official language.

You can obtain your education with all lectures taught in English in most European countries, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Austria, Norway, etc.

A great example for a non-English speaking country that is becoming an increasingly popular destination for students from all over the world is Bulgaria – a small country, located on the Balkan Peninsula.

With its low costs, friendly people, amazing nature, mild climate and low level of crimes, Bulgaria attracts not only tourists but also more and more foreign students each year.

There are some internationally recognized universities in Bulgaria, with English taught programs. And this is beneficial not only for the foreign but also for the local students.

Varna University of Management is one of the best universities in Eastern Europe. It is located in Varna – the so-called marine capital of Bulgaria. Being a famous resort Varna has an international feel, with a foreigner-friendly and student-friendly vibes, and with many fun activities. No matter where do you come from – there is always a chance to meet someone from your home country here.

The program is entirely taught in English, and for the foreign students, eager to learn the local language there are free Bulgarian lessons.

About 30% of the students in Varna University of Management are foreigners. They come from 5 continents and from 50 different countries. The University strives to achieve efficient and dynamic studies in a multicultural environment through promoting creativity, difference, and freedom of expression. The University offers a number of opportunities for exchange and field trips at different universities from other countries.

Varna University of Management has an innovative point of view on education, which meets the needs of the contemporary dynamic employees and employers. The exciting methods of teaching develop innovative thinking and outstanding entrepreneurial skills.

The top-quality education of the University has received its recognition from the international community. It is officially accredited by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and by British Accreditation Council and is a proud partner of Erasmus+ Programme.

The Cardiff Metropolitan University trusted in Varna University of Management and the students in Varna receive a double degree from the two universities without the need to spend time in the United Kingdom.

Prestigious ranking systems of the universities worldwide, like U-Multirank and EDUNIVERSAL ranking system, place the University at the forefront of Eastern Europe for many different educational criteria.


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