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Varna University of Management in Dobrich provides shelter in its dormitory for Ukrainian students and teachers. So far, they are dealing entirely with their own funds in terms of accommodation and meals, and for the second week they have been providing free Bulgarian language lessons for those wishing to stay in our country. The university can easily offer training for students, as the lectures are conducted mainly in English, but for this purpose the help of the state is needed.

“There are dozens of daily calls from students, teachers and their families from Ukraine. Everyone wants to find safe haven and escape from the war. Our ties with over 20 universities in Ukraine are very strong and that is why their students and teachers are looking for us. for support “, shares the rector of the University – Assoc. Prof. Todor Radev.

Free classes in Bulgarian have already been organized at the university, and the interest in them on the part of Ukrainian citizens is very high.

Two Ukrainian students, whom the war found studying in Spain, are among those learning our language.

David hopes the war will end soon, but if the conflict does not end soon, he is considering staying in Bulgaria and finding a job.

“First of all, I want Ukraine to be free, but if the current situation continues, I will try to find a job in Bulgaria, for example in a wine shop or not, it does not matter, because we need “to make money so we can live. My family still lives in Kharkov, maybe they will try to move to another city, and maybe not, I don’t know exactly,” says David.

“My name is Nikita, I’m from Kharkiv, Ukraine. We came here on the second of March. We feel safe and well received here. The people here are very hospitable and warm, they support and help us a lot. We really feel we have a new place, a new Home, because at the moment we have no way back to my country. Personally, I have two reasons to learn Bulgarian. The first is that I just love learning languages. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English, Spanish, I studied Swedish and German. And the second reason is that while we are here, we need at least basic knowledge to have some communication in the store, on the street.My family is still in Kharkov and as you know, the city is heavily bombed and destroyed and it’s really awful.I hope that if the situation worsens, my family will leave town. ”

Their teacher of Bulgarian language is Elena Yurchenko, classes are one hour and three times a week.

According to the rector Assoc. Prof. Todor Radev, the interest in the classes is great, because almost all students and teachers want to find a job.

Hear more on the topic in the report of our correspondent in Dobrich Maya Shtarbanova.

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