Obtaining a university degree from an internationally recognized business school can be financially difficult for very ambitious, persistent and talented prospective students. We at the Varna University of Management (VUM) believe that motivation and desire for development should be encouraged.

That's why we try to keep tuition fees affordable. In addition, we have provided a number of opportunities for financial support - a scholarship for newly admitted students, a scholarship for excellent results, a scholarship for extracurricular activities and sports achievements.

We at the Varna University of Management (VUM) believe that motivation and the pursuit of development should be encouraged.

Each student at the Varna University of Management (VUM) has the opportunity to receive a scholarship in the amount of 1000 to over 4000 BGN per year (according to the conditions of the Ministry of Education and the European Social Fund), depending on the application result and success during study at VUM. VUM offers two main types of scholarships - for prospective students and for full-time students.


Scholarships for students in bachelor's degree programs (EU and non-EU citizens)

Scholarships for newly admitted students

VUM enables students with high results from the entrance exams to receive a scholarship in the first year of study. The academic results of the secondary education diploma, the results of the English examination and the motivation demonstrated during the admission interview are taken into account. During the first semester, students can apply for a scholarship of up to 1,000 euros, the exact amount being determined by the result achieved in the English language exam (or from a certificate presented) or by the SAT and the admission interview.

Scholarships after the first semester at the Graduate School of Management

VUM students can apply for a scholarship after the first semester of their studies in the bachelor's program of the school.

After the first semester, students can receive a scholarship based on their academic performance, based on the results of the exams from the previous two semesters (for the second semester the scholarship is calculated based on the success in the first semester).

Students are ranked by success according to the year and specialty of study. Provided that all due semester and administrative fees are paid within the specified time limits, the scholarship is paid monthly, within 4 months for each semester, to a bank account provided by the student.

Scholarships for students in master's programs (EU and non-EU citizens)

Every student in a master's program at VUM can apply for a scholarship during the application process.

Scholarships for students in master's degree programs are provided by the university or jointly with companies - partners of the university and amount to up to 1000 euros for the entire period of study.

Applicants must have submitted a valid international certificate of English proficiency (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CAE), as well as the full set of required documents for the respective program.The value of the scholarship is determined according to the results in the certificate in English, as well as from the accumulated fund "Scholarships" for the respective semester.

Student Loan

For this purpose, according to the Bulgarian legislation, they must meet the following requirements:
Apply for a bachelor's or master's degree without having previously obtained such an educational qualification degree;
  • Be under the age of 35;

  • Have EU or EEA nationality.

  • The state-guaranteed loan is quite advantageous, allowing the student to pay off his tuition and even cover his daily expenses. Such a loan has a very low interest rate, which by law cannot exceed 7 percent.

No guarantees (guarantors, real estate or permanent income) are required for a student loan, as this is a government guaranteed loan. Interest is paid only on the amount actually spent, and not on the amount of the loan initially approved by the bank.

A one-year grace period is given after the official graduation of the student, after which the amount due must be paid within 10 years in equal monthly installments.

The banks that have concluded a standard contract for lending to students and doctoral students are:

  • DSK Bank EAD

  • First Investment Bank AD

  • Bulgarian-American Credit Bank AD

  • Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria) EAD

  • Allianz Bank Bulgaria AD

  • Eurobank Bulgaria AD (Postbank)

  • Investbank AD

Bank accounts of the Varna Univertsity of Managment:

Holder: Varna Univertsity of Managment (VUM)
Address of the holder: Varna, Oborishte 13a, Bulgaria
Name of the bank: International Asset Bank AD
Bank account in EURO - IBAN: BG23 IABG 7495 1400 4891 05
Bank account in BGN - IBAN: BG57 IABG 7495 1000 4891 08
Reason: Payment of student fee / accommodation .. / student's name, ID card number, specialty, course /
Amount: ……


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