planting a tree

planting a treeIn the week of both International Day of Forests (21st March) and World Water Day(22nd March), here is a perfect way to celebrate the occasions – Tree Planting initiative near Varna and Dobrich. The event will be on Sunday, 26th March, when a group of volunteers will plant 2000 trees in the region (you can check out their Facebook event).
Anyone who wishes to participate can go and lend a hand in the tree planting, you need no previous experience or skills. All needed tools and gear will also be provided by the organisers. The initiative aims to increase the forest territories in Bulgaria and therefore help the environment.
The event falls in perfectly in the week of the astronomical Spring, International Day of Forests and World Water Day to raise awareness of the globally increasing deforestation and water insufficiency. Forests are not only essential to cleaner air and higher oxygen levels in the atmosphere, but also they filter and clean out water and influence the rain falls.
It’s important to look after and maintain the environment in the area clean. Not only does it improve the living conditions for all of us, but also this can help the economic growth in the region. With the increasing popularity of the concept of sustainable tourism, environment and the way locals care for it plays a major role in the attractiveness of any given tourist destination.

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