Nowadays everyone wants to be enrolled in a higher education institution. And, in fact, the student’s experience does have its benefits. You get to meet a lot of people with similar interests, learn new stuff (sometimes even important) and you get to have a loooot of fun.

If you have decided to start your higher education, you already know there are a lot more benefits than these, as well.

However, when deciding on your Degree, you need to find out what interests you, and to

choose the right course!

You have thought a lot about this… You have dreams… You know you are good at certain things…

You are probably aware of the area in which you want to study.

And if not, you are probably wondering between a few possibilities…

If any of these include…

–       Business

–       Tourism

–       Hospitality

–       Culinary arts (my favorite kind of art)

–       Software and IT

–       Management

… I have good news for you! You have the unique possibility to

                                             choose the right university!

There are many places that offer some or all of these courses.

You will now hear about one that ticks a lot of boxes that will be influential for your decision.

Do you love meeting people from an international background?

Do you enjoy travelling?

Do you want to have REAL-LIFE experience when you graduate?

If you say yes to these, then keep reading…

I will introduce to you Varna University of Management!

Located in the beautiful city of Varna on the seaside of Bulgaria, where:

–       You will experience 4 full seasons – hot summer (and a beautiful beach), snowy winter (all the Christmas vibes) and everything in between.

–       People speak English (language is not going to be an issue)

–       You will experience an interesting culture – everyone loves the experience they had in Bulgaria

–       You will be able to travel – You will have easy access to travel opportunities within Bulgaria, as well as Turkey, Romania, Greece, etc.

Or in Dobrich, which:

–       Has a big dormitory full of international students FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLD! This reason by itself has made people travel halfway across the world only to meet their old friends!

–       Is a smaller and calm city, with

–       One of the biggest and most beautiful parks in Bulgaria

–       Is a 45min drive away from Varna, so

–       You can still be near the big city and the beach

Or even Sofia…

–       It doesn’t need much of an introduction, does it?

–       The biggest Bulgarian city, and the capital

–       A lot of job opportunities

–       Lots of clubs (couldn’t miss on these)

–       The university is located in the Business center

–       The cheapest capital city in the European Union! – That is a big one!

Anyways, the location is not the only part of the equation when choosing a University, so…

Let us consider the biggest benefits of studying at VUM.

For this reason I have identified 3 of the most important reasons to choose this university over others:

  1. International Environment

As already mentioned above, there are lots of students who come from abroad to study at VUM.

From the easy-going people from Latin America to the hard-working ones from eastern Asia, you will meet all kinds of different cultures…

Thus, you will understand for yourself that the definitions I gave to these people, are only that… Definitions… or should I say, stereotypes?

Yes, you will meet so many and so different people, to learn how much people tend to over-generalize.

You will learn that people from all over the world are so different, yet…

So similar…

The feeling of having friends all around the globe is simply AMAZING!

There are so many foreign people, because all programs are taught in English, which takes us to

  1. Informal and personalized education

When you start studying in VUM, you realize a few things:

–       You can interrupt teachers at any time to ask questions

–       You can call teachers and staff by their first name (no need for formalities)

–       You will always get personal feedback after an exam or assignment

These things are possible, because of a few reasons.

There are not that many students in the University, so

It is easy for teachers to know you personally and be able to help you with YOUR SPECIFIC wants and needs…

The culture in VUM allows you to speak to everyone like they are your friends (and trust me, they will become).

Yes, you understood that right, no need to be overly formal, and scared that if you mistake your lecturers’ titles you will fail…

Oh yeah, and you will do a lot of teamwork.

Also, most classes are based on discussions, instead of the boring “lecturer explaining stuff while everyone is half-dead, half-asleep” (well, it is still an educational facility, so you will get classes like this, but not as many)

This all sounds good, but we all know that with education only and no experience you are still kind of screwed. This is why, the education at VUM is highly focused on

  1. Internships and exchange

In a world, where you are expected to be 20 years old with 7 years of experience, higher education, and a written recommendation from an entity of some Religion, you can get kind of overwhelmed.

At VUM you have a chance, to go on an International (this word keeps coming up, and I can’t help it) internship. You can do it even more than once!

Actually, a better wording would be – You have to go on an internship!

Yes, you have to, since it is a separate module, you have to take. You can choose from internships in your field of study, or similar ones. You also get to choose where you want to go, and the best part?

The administrative staff will take care of all of the documentation and application procedures FOR YOU!

Same goes if you want to take part in an exchange program!

It is so easy to do it, that I would even say it is a sin not to go on one.

Hell, VUM is even ranked #1 worldwide for Student Mobility by U-Multirank! For three consecutive years!

If all these reasons were not enough, I will give you a BONUS ONE!


If all abovementioned was not enough to convince you how great VUM is, this one should be.

You get not only a Bulgarian degree, but also a British one from VUM’s strategic partner – Cardiff Metropolitan University!

Essentially your diploma will say you have studied in the UK, while all this time you were actually paying a lot less for your fees.

And you will live in the country with the lowest standard of living in the EU!

Seems like a deal, doesn’t it?

Anyways, thank you for reading through to the end, and hope you make the right choice for your higher education! It is an important part of life and you have to be informed enough to make the final decision.

For sure, you have a lot of questions after reading this.

For this reason, go ahead and visit the website, and check out all information there.

Also, make sure to send an email to to get additional info, and maybe some on Scholarships.

Thank you again, and hope to see you make the right choice!

Author: Simeon Petrov, 3rd year International Business Management student

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