The choice for a student to continue his/her higher education abroad has its challenges.

Each institution offering higher education for international students should be aware of them and provide the prospect students with the needed assistance and support.

In the European Universities, like Varna University of Management, the admission department ensures each of its applicants’ queries are answered and thorough guidelines are given. The university receives requests for its undergraduate (bachelor), as well as the postgraduate (master) degrees. Recently, there is increasing interest in the PhD degrees as well.

In Varna University of Management (VUM) students are able to educate in the spheres of International Business Management, Hospitality Management and our most recent and desired specialties in the School of Computer Sciences and the Culinary Arts Institute. The postgraduate prospect students are able to obtain a degree as Masters of Business Administration or Masters in the International Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The involvement of the admission staff begins from the initial application until after the arrival and during the studies of the students. Once they have submitted the primary documents, the tensest stage to most of them comes – the admission interview. During it, all the colleagues conducting them try to predispose the prospect students as much as possible. The main purpose of those interviews is to get to know the candidates as people and their intentions as students. Most of them show satisfactory or even superior level of English and motivation to study. If their results from the Secondary diplomas are compatible with the requirements for admission as well – their acceptance into the university follows.

At this stage, the prospect students are in their most need for assistance and support from the admissions department. Although they are provided with instructions for each step prior their arrival, unexpected issues could always occur. The main obstacles are mainly related to the legalization of the documents, since the requirements vary for the different countries. Тhe documents need recognition by the Ministry of Education in Bulgaria, so they need a Bulgarian translation as well, which VUM can assist the students with.

Once the Ministry of Education approves the applicants, they can acquire all the needed documents for the Visa D application. The time necessary for confirmation and its issuance varies for the countries. At this stage, patience becomes everyone’s best friend. However, there is no better feeling of satisfaction for the admission staff than welcoming the students at the university’s campuses. This is the time when the punctuality and cooperation between both parties pays off. However, the job of the admission department does not end up here. There are whole few semesters for integration and adaptation. During then the students are more than welcome to ask for assistance, which the university staff gives its best to provide.

Over the period of their stay, the students face different challenges, gain experience in a variety of aspects, make new international friendships and most importantly – put the basis to their future development. Which paths they will take – it is up to them. Whatever the choice, it should always help them progress and become ‘better people’.

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