The final modules of the traditional summer trainings of Ukrainian researchers and lecturers started today at VUM. Due to the great interest, a series of 4 training groups are organized this year which are to complete their advanced courses within the month of September. Some of the trainings will be conducted online, and others – in face-to-face format.

Considering the high international positions of VUM as one of the leading business schools in Eastern Europe, nearly 120 representatives of the academic management and lecturers from eight reputable Ukrainian universities registered for the courses to discuss topics such as innovation in the educational process, interactive teaching methods, internationalization of higher education, global trends in higher education and more.

The participants will get acquainted with the main characteristics and challenges of the global education, the innovative teaching methods and technologies in higher education, the role of the student as a partner in global higher education, the set of “soft” skills that a modern lecturer should possess, as well as with the most important features and consequences of the globalization of the educational space.

The training course lasts 180 academic hours and the main lecturer is Prof. Dimitrina Kamenova – Director of the Department for Modern Educational Methods at Varna University of Management.

VUM has an extensive and sophisticated network of active academic partners of more than 200 institutions on five continents. Following its Strategy for Internationalization, VUM pursues a policy to develop active international cooperation in various fields – student training, student and teaching mobility, development of programmes for exchange and practice, introduction of courses and programmes for further qualification and vocational retraining, and others.

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